Friday, 29 February 2008

Varnish and Happiness.

The rainy weather ( it's still cold too) has called a halt to the varnishing project. Four coats on and TBH reckons another twelve to go. Not something to do if you are in a hurry. We don't have a lot of varnish topsides, just enough to give the boat a bit of a 'classical' air. Mind you when it needs redoing it seems like too much!

TBH has an excellent book on how to varnish, 'The Brightwork Companion' by Rebecca J Wittman. Brightwork is the nautical term for varnishing - there would be a special word wouldn't there. It is a well written and amusing book with assorted warnings on how varnishing can affect the psychological well-being of the boat owner, after twelve coats the help of a psychiatrist is recommended.

We keep looking at the work to do below decks, sighing and trying to think of something else. There is a major job to do here but I cannot, no will not, face it whilst we are living aboard. Just the thought of the upheaval we will have to go through makes me break out in a cold sweat. Soon though!

It was so cold last night that I fired up the stove and baked a lovely Shepherd's pie. Good old comfort food, steaming hot and a good movie. The hatches closed against the rain and wind. I was almost tempted to light up the oil lamps but decided that was a step too far. The boat was as warm as toast and as we rocked gently back and forth on the passing swells of the local lancha's I felt a glow of delight at the lifestyle we have chosen.

There is no denying that although there are moments of real fear there is such a peaceful and romantic sense to a lot of our life on the water. I don't believe that this is a way of life that everyone would enjoy but if you like the sense of adventure, the self-sufficiency and the unpredictability. Have an ability to learn and embrace changes then just maybe this could be the life for you...

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