Sunday, 24 February 2008

...give us another chance, we're sorry for Riverdance

The Eurovision song contest is a standing joke amongst the European community. This annual fest of appalling music and lyrics is satirized and abused almost universally! I have no idea if anyone takes it seriously any longer.

Ireland, a record 7 times winner, has come up with a classic piece of Irish humour this year with its entry sung by , a hand puppet called Dustin the Turkey!

With lyrics that include “Shake your feathers and pop your beak, shake it to the west and to the east, wave Euro-hands and Euro-feet, wave them in the air to the turkey beat".
And; "Give us another chance we're sorry for Riverdance".

I am predicting a landslide win, listen to it for yourself here..

Irlande Douze Points is being kept under wraps for now, but Dustin did reveal that Sir Terry Wogan, Bono and an apology for Riverdance all feature in the lyrics. The puppet, who rose to fame through a children’s TV show called The Den, has recorded a string of hit records, including Dustin Unplucked, Faith of Our Feathers, Poultry in Motion and Bling When You’re Minging. He had a Christmas No 1 in Ireland on which Bob Geldof sang backing vocals and was teased by the turkey. Dustin also sang Patricia the Stripper with Chris de Burgh.

In the 1997 presidential election thousands of voters spoilt their votes by entering “Dustin the Turkey” on their ballot papers, after which he established his own political party, Fianna Fowl.

Dustin told a Dublin newspaper yesterday that he was would be “extending the wing of friendship” to his detractors. “I am doing this for Ireland,” he said.

Oh I love the Irish humour, they just never take themselves too seriously... Come on Ireland!

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