Saturday, 2 February 2008

Treats for all.

Busy day yesterday...

Four of 'the girls' went off to Puerto Barrios for some serious provisioning, and of course, a magnificent lunch.

Three of us are counting down the days to getting under way, Debi back towards the USA to continue their cruising on the east Coast. Cindy off to the Bay Islands and us to Cuba. Trish, who valiantly drove us, put up with her wonderful car being loaded to the gunnels with all the necessities of cruising.

Then I was whisked off to a local restaurant, The Dolphins, down by the docks. Man oh man do they do good seafood. You sit out over the water in an airy room looking across the bay and the docks. Cindy and I had MASSIVE shrimp in garlic, the others huge bowls of seafood soup. It really was very good and a great treat.

As a treat for you we have episode two of the Barcelona World Race television series, enjoy!

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