Sunday, 10 February 2008

Show n' Tell.

The Marina is emptying fast, paths are diverging, although some of us know we will meet again next season it is a time when relationships deepen and friendships become firmly cemented.

The community here is a typical one and sometimes it is a hysterical one. Take breakfast this morning. We all congregated in the restaurant and amidst the pancakes and muffins the discussion turned to iPod's, I wonder why! Well within moments a 'show and tell' was underway... Never let it be said that out here in the wilds we lose touch with reality.

Mary was an object of envy with her 160 gig top of the range classic version in a soft black rubber overcoat,it was worrying the way Mike was stroking the magnificent pair of Bose headphones she had as an accessory! He was definitely transported into his own little world there for a moment or two!

Cindy bought along her 'playbag' and was able to display the compact nature of her docking station! No I hear you cry but its not over yet! George had the smallest.... and softest.. earphones that is, and Dwane who started the whole thing off retired with his 'nano' to a private corner!!

Maybe it is time that we all left...

My contribution was the discovery of the iPod bra, some things just defy belief in this crazy world of ours.

So as TBH peels away the masking tape on deck after caulking the repair his mind is full of memory and colour options. I wonder what Valentine's Day will bring this year!!

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