Friday, 22 February 2008


The reports of the incident in Livingston are proliferating across the web, with items appearing on the BBC site, Associated Press and many others.

There has been a broadcast on the cruisers radio network that things are now quiet in Livingstone and it is possible to check in and out again, although the necessary officials are not actually there! Hmm seems an odd piece of information.

Opinions at the Marina are varied, from 'they should shoot them all' to a more thoughtful appraisal of the less than 'black and white' issue of politics in this part of the world.

These are excerts of some of the items appearing on the world wide web;

An angry mob took about 30 police officers hostage in Guatemala and threatened to kill them unless authorities release a jailed farm leader, a police official said Friday.

The crowd surrounded the police station in the Caribbean coastal town of Livingston on Thursday night, disarmed the agents and took them in small boats to their remote village of Maya Creek, national police spokesman Faustino Sanchez said.

The villagers demanded the government free Ramiro Choc, who was arrested Feb. 14 on charges of illegal land invasion, robbery and illegally holding people against their will. Choc allegedly incited community residents to invade land and take over protected nature reserves.

Maya Creek is accessible only by boat and then a half-hour walk through dense jungle, Sanchez said. The hostages have asked authorities to send negotiators instead of backup forces.

Choc urged the villagers to release the officers in a telephone call from jail that authorities arranged Thursday night, but the crowd refused, Interior Department spokesman Ricardo Gatica said.

When police first detained Choc last week, angry villagers took a judge and two police officers hostage but released them several hours later.

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