Tuesday, 26 February 2008

A girl can dream.

Superyachts, would you want one?

Okay so most of us are never going to have the chance to step on one of these 'wet dreams' never mind actually own the beast. But from time to time I like to daydream and wonder...what would it be like to inhabit that world of the super-rich.

This 007 style Wally powerboat certainly is a headturner, can't imagine it working its way up the Rio Dulce though! Probably have the entire armed forces scrambled to fight of the invasion if they saw this coming!
Bet you'd get pulled over by the coastguard a lot too...

Maybe that's not the one for me, I appreciate the styling and the original design but sadly I think you need to be a slender, blonde, stylishly elegant, fabulously dressed creature to be at home in these surroundings. Still as an aging, dumpy, grandma aged, inelegant one I'd love to step ashore in Monaco to watch the reactions of the watchers!!

Maybe this is more my kind of idea...

Oh well a girl can dream can't she?

I think that I am in love. Still all that varnish, hunky crew ...!!! Enough, I need a cold shower!

Now where was that billionaire?

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