Thursday, 28 February 2008


A cold front is blowing through our part of the Caribbean this morning and the temperatures have plummeted. It is a refreshing respite from the usual tropical heat. The downside is that it has been pouring with rain all night.

I was up just after sunrise this morning, around 5.30am, and the view from the deck was wonderful. An overcast steely gray sky and a light mist blowing across the surface of the still waters of the river. Quite spooky in a way. A fisherman was working to disentangle his net from a boat that had dropped anchor in the middle of it sometime after dark. Bet he was swearing to himself about unthinking gringos!

We didn't notice too much unusual here yesterday after the warnings of possible unrest. Although I was confused to find one of the Mayan ladies who comes to sell her fabrics here on a Saturday Swopmeet firmly ensconced in the restaurant with all her wares.

It turns out that she had been down in Livingston but was concerned at the atmosphere there. She said that the banks were closed, there were no tourists about and she felt unhappy. So she came here instead and was intending to return to her home town of Antigua. Given the difficulty of communication it is impossible to be certain of her reasoning but I got the impression that she was responding to an instinctive reaction to the situation. Interesting.

I am a great believer in instinct.

Anyway I finally succumbed to the purchase of some of the Guatemalan textiles from this lady so we were both happy with her visit! I am amazed that I have been in the country this long without buying... must be remembering the vast quantities of molas that we ended up with in Panama.

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