Saturday, 23 February 2008

Normal Service has been resumed...

The new administration of Guatemala appear to have come through their latest test with flying colours. The situation here on the Rio has been diffused and the newspapers are full of assurances that the farmers will be heard by the highest powers and their lands will be safe.

I hope that the follow through of promises will be swift and signal that this new order has a sincere commitment to using dialogue in its battle to bring prosperity to Guatemala rather than wielding the sword.

So... normal service has been resumed. The swopmeet is underway as I sit here typing and we seem to have an influx of Brits! Conversation last night centred around places we knew in the UK and I really enjoyed the stroll down memory lane. It is always amazing what a small world we live in. My dining companion, Jeannie, used to run a pub that I frequented in Norfolk and her partner, William, was a drinking mate of an artist in Plymouth that I knew in my youth!

We didn't quite get round to discussing old episodes of British TV programmes, which TBH assures me is the usual fodder for ex patriot chats! Still there will be time yet.

The autopilot is proving to be a difficult task to complete...we have now asked Diana, the resident electronics guru, to have a look for us and pronounce whether we have a terminal problem on our hands. Then yesterday the blower that removes the exhaust fumes from the engine compartment stopped blowing. Fortunately we have a spare on board but of course that means emptying the bed to get at it and then emptying the cockpit lazarette to install it. And as we now have a guy stripping the cockpit varnish we can't get on with anything. Ah me!

So life continues, I firmly intend to remain calm and believe that we will get out of here one of these days....

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