Sunday, 24 February 2008

Freedom,Friendship, Films and Food.

Well today is the day of the 'Great Escape'. Lyric and UpJinks are set to cast the lines off and try again now that their respective mechanical and instrument failures have been sorted. I think they'll make it this time!

The marina is filling up again with new arrivals and we are eagerly awaiting the first sighting of our old friend Karen who is due here later in the week. It's over a year since we last met up and I am so looking forward to hearing all her news.

Thats the thing about cruising, you sail away from folks that you have got to know really well, wondering if you will meet again, and where! It is such a joy when your paths cross again...

We watched a film last night, Sideways, it came with great reviews and a clutch of award nominations. It was awful. A terrible indictment of middle-aged American men. How it could possibly have received the accolades it has leaves me cold. I wonder whether it is one of those cases where cultural translation simply doesn't work. The storyline was poor and the acting wooden. However there were some great foodie moments and as we began to dribble we could stand it no longer!

Opening a good bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon I whipped up some thinly sliced pork loin, sauted them in butter until just cooked through. Removed them from the pan and added a splash of white wine, seasoning, grated black truffles and a dollop of cream. Simmered all together and added the escallops for a moment, then served.... Oh boy it was wickedly decadent and totally delicious.

Did help make the film more bearable too!

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