Monday, 18 February 2008

Hotel California strikes again!

Wow, it's hot here today. I am feeling very lethargic and have been fantasizing about the cold weather in the UK.

TBH has been writhing around in one of the cockpit lockers, starting to get to grips with the auto-pilots. Thats right, we have two and currently neither of them work....oh the joys of a boat!

The fabled 'Hotel California' effect is working well and in the last two days we have welcomed back UpJinks and Deja Vu...both with mechanical problems. I really think that this is an enormously hard climate on the boats. The heat combined with the humidity are absolute killers where the mechanics and electronics of boat are concerned.

I have been switching on our electronics regularly since we have been here and wait with baited breath to see whether they come on or far , so good. The auto-pilots failed before we arrived here so they don't count!

I found out that there have been 12 bus drivers killed here in Guatemala since the 1st of the year. Something to do with a protection racket that has been running, no wonder our driver looked so nervous.

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