Saturday, 24 November 2007

The World race continues, Hugo Boss, after getting up to 3rd place has dropped back to 5th again. Come on guys!
They are heading for the Southern Ocean now, a place of misfortune for Alex in the past...fingers crossed this time. But it seems that the new Hugo Boss boat is made of tough stuff.

Day 13

Time: 14.00hrs

Lat: 17.58.12 N
Long: 24.07.48 W
Position: 5th
Av speed: 16.4 knots

Capey and I are in good spirits today as we reached speeds this afternoon of 15.5 knots in 18 knots of breeze - the best sailing so far of the race. Ironically today is the anniversary of my keel failure in the southern ocean, and so its a huge relief to be here and sailing so well... we have just had the latest position report at 2.30pm today which showed us in 5th place which we are more than happy with given that we are not down in the trades yet, where we really expect the boat to perform

This morning we were flying down waves at over 20 knots with a full moon, feeling on top of the world. For sure the last 12 hours have been some of the best sailing I have ever done and it seems to me a good omen considering the terrible situation I was in a year ago, feeling so utterly helpless, distraught, disappointed and gutted.

Capey and I are very confident in the new HUGO BOSS and the Barcelona World Race so far has been going well. We’re in some stronger breeze today and enjoying some exhilarating sailing, and I have to admit, I am pleased about the fact Capey will be with me as I head back into the Southern Ocean for the first time since abandoning the old HUGO BOSS.

The sun is shining now and the weather is hotting up as we near the equator. We expect to cross it some time on Monday - another milestone in the race. We then sail across the South Atlantic, through the Doldrums, before heading into the Southern Ocean and on to New Zealand. .. which still seems like a long way away!

So life on board is good right now - we still have some fresh food left - parma ham and popcorn are still on the menu! The only real problem is Capey's smelly feet!


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