Thursday, 15 November 2007

The Right Stuff

I saw this blog as a learning experience and it is.

One thing I didn’t do is tick the option to moderate comments. This isn’t to censor remarks that you don’t like, but to prevent the blog getting cluttered up with advertisements for penis enlargement and so on (which can’t do much for me and, I am happy to say, TBH doesn’t need either).

Well, as you might have noticed (before I took them off), the post Cruisers help out attracted two comments, which were just as silly as penis enlargement but not quite so funny.

Well I’ve re-checked my facts. Everything Debi says on that post and in the video is true. Why would she lie? While both Nicol and Dayna qualify their comments with remarks that they haven’t bothered to get their facts straight: “although I know very little about this” and “we are well aware that all missions require money and prescription medications,” respectively.

But if we assume that everyone is just like us, and don’t respect other points of view, we will misunderstand what they are saying and be misunderstood ourselves, so I sat down with Nicol and Dayna this morning to learn more.

What can I say? I was reminded that stupidity might not be a crime or a vice, but it sure extorts a high cost. I am not going to reprint their comments, they are not worth it.

Debi is seeking help. Debi has the Right Stuff. Some others don’t.

Nicol Huff has visited the clinic once, is not a volunteer, but wants everyone to know she has given money and supplies.

Dayna McMullen isn’t a medic, has been to the clinic half a dozen times, and has posted pictures of the sick on her site to show what a good person she is.


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