Saturday, 3 November 2007

Hot tips for ailing laptops

Gerry has permitted me an entry in her blog.

We don’t use our laptops for navigation, but we are increasingly dependent on them for email, Skype, radiofax, watching DVDs, storing photographs, music and so on. And meanwhile, of course, Microsoft is busily writing ever more bloated software to make our present equipment obsolete.

So here are three tips for recovering ailing hard drives:

1) If your hard drive has crashed, take it out of the machine, place it in the palm of your left hand and clap your right hand briskly down on it. This will un-jam the heads, temporarily, about sixty percent of the time.

2) Then copy the whole drive using Western Digital Data Lifeguard Tools, downloadable for free from here.

3) When you’ve loaded your operating system and files into a new hard drive, follow Mike Binn’s advice, available here, to keep your old computer running smoothly.

If I had known this sooner, it would have saved me buying my last laptop.

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