Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Foot in mouth syndrome!

Passion is a wonderful thing but just occasionally it can be a right pain... this morning, totally contradicting my self-imposed rule of not speaking on the Cruisers' Net, I could not contain myself any longer when once again listening to Brent. Now I should have kept my mouth shut 'cos a short statement made at the height of passion is rarely a good thing... and it wasn't. Aaggh. Still what's done is done and I will not let it deflect me from the main event.

My apologies for the inarticulate nature of my interjection...

Moving on, I have been looking up the tax returns for Mr Borthwick and Wind Word Ministries at the Canada Revenue Agency.

It would appear, from the regulations issued by the Agency, Wind Word Ministries does not comply with at least two of the four requirements, namely:
  • devoting all of its resources to charitable activities; and,
  • operating for the benefit of the public and not for private gain.

I have therefore written a letter to the Enforcement Division for Brent's returns area expressing my concerns. Perhaps if you feel the same way you could also let them know?

The address is:

Enforcement Division
P.O. Box 9070 - Station Main
9737 King George Highway
Surrey BC
V3T 5W6

Tel.: 604-587-2170
Fax: 604-587-2101

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