Friday, 9 November 2007

Cruisers help out

Here on the Rio Dulce, home to many world-girdling cruisers, there are a wide variety of personalities.

One of the most delightful that we have met is Debi. Debi is a nurse and she has a passion! It's a private obsession - in fact we have been here now for almost 4 months and have only recently become aware of what Debi gets up to...

And what does she do?

Debi is a volunteer nurse in a small clinic here in the Rio. And so are Cindy, Deayna, Karen, Stewart and a number of other cruisers. Quietly and professionally they give their time and expertise to helping the local Mayan community who live in the area surrounding the small village of Esmeralda.

Cruisers are welcomed with open arms, to help in a variety of ways. The one thing that is very clear though is THEY DO NOT WANT MONEY!

Now isn't that a refreshing change?

If you have medical skills you are extremely valuable, but non-medical cruisers can also help out with the pharmacy, kids and in countless other ways. If you don't have the time but would like to make a difference Debi encourages the purchase of items in your usual grocery shop which make a huge difference to the life of these people.

Debi speaks for herself on the video here, it's a powerful message.

What they need:

Disposable new-born diapers.
Liquid children's vitamins.
Diaper rash ointment.
Antibiotic cream- Neosporin.
Baby cereals - Rice.
Nido or other powdered milk formula for infants/children.
Baby bottles.
Other sized diapers.
Children's Tylenol.
Hall's drops.
Pre-natal vitamins.
Small giveaway toys for children.

What they don't need:
Prescription drugs.
Stuffed toys.

They need volunteers one day a week from 9am until the queue has been cleared!

You can drop off any items, here on the Rio Dulce at either :
Mario's Marina
or Monkey Bay Marina

If you are reading my blog and thinking of cruising in this direction, maybe staying in the Rio for the hurricane season, you are welcome to come and see the work these cruisers do and to join them for as short or as long a time as you can spare.

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