Friday, 2 November 2007

Barcelona World Race.

Another big race is about to start,11th November, in Barcelona and we just received this email from our friends Pete and Anne Thomson, father and step-mum to Alex the current great white hope of British sailing.

Hi We're currently "parked" in our van next to the Hugo Boss container and only about 10 yards from all the open 60 yachts. It's very exciting here and we're thoroughly enjoying the city of Barcelona. The race starts on the 11th and Nosille (ex sailing friends) are coming along on the spectator boat for the start. the other great thing is having wifi so can skype and email to our hearts content. Pete and I are also busy preparing the lunches each day for the shore team of about 20 people!!! You can follow the race on Alex's website or the DailySail is quite good. Gotta go. Love Anne and Pete xx

We met Pete and Anne in St Maarten's. We had just crossed the Atlantic and they were repairing their boat after Hurricane Ivan.It's a small world as we later realized that our daughter, Lucy, knew Alex.....we all decided that it was probably better not to investigate just how 'well' they knew each other!

So we follow Alexs' career with great interest. We spent some nail biting days during the Velux 5 oceans race when he had to abandon his boat mid-ocean and be rescued by Mike Golding , Ecover, only for them to both need rescuing shortly after when Ecover lost it's mast.....

Alex only has one speed, foot hard down, so his races are always worth watching. TBH also likes to fantasize about the razzamatazz and dancing girls that accompany Alexs' departures. He is sponsored by Hugo Boss and they certainly know how to appeal to the testosterone ridden groupies of ocean racing!

You can follow the exploits of Alex and his co-skipper Andrew Cape from Australia on Alexs' site and the whole race on the race site.

Good luck and fair winds guys!

We will be thinking about the traumas that parents go through as their kids set about conquering the world. Doesn't matter how old they are they're always somebodies baby!

Alex is on the left, Andrew on the right.

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