Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Edgar Alan Egret.

Edgar Alan Egret has been a fixture at Mario's Marina for some considerable time. I am told that there was great excitement last season when, for the first time, Edgar was seen in his full adult plumage. A stylish and eye catching feathered ensemble that he wore with pride!

Edgar is a Great Egret although the jury is still out on whether he is male or female! He seems totally at home here in the Marina elegantly striding up and down the pontoons watching the action with a beady eye.

When I open the hatch to our companionway first thing in the morning there he is quietly patrolling the dock, ensuring that all is in order for his guests as the day unfolds! Ready to catch any unsuspecting frog or fish.

Cruisers who have been here in previous seasons speculate as to where he has been during his annual absence from the Rio, has he found a 'partner' yet and will he join the Great Egret Orgy on Bird Island up river at Fronteras once the cormorant chicks have been ousted?

Whether you are still single Edgar, boy or girl, we of Mario's salute you and welcome you home!

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