Thursday, 1 November 2007

Halloween at Mario's.

Being the biggest night in the Pagan calender it would have been difficult not to join in with the party here in the marina last night.

Dressing up or costume parties always cause complete panic on board our boat. Neither of us could possibly be called 'creative' on the odd bit of fabric and a few baubles front! I remember, when the kids were small, that my heart would plummet when they arrived home from school clutching an invite to a themed party in their hot grubby little hand. That was until I discovered that a friend worked for the biggest theatrical Costumiers in the world and life suddenly got a whole lot easier. Sadly there is no such back up here in Guatemala, bother!

Have you noticed how very artistic a lot of boaters are? Running up canvas work, painting pictures, making jewelery. It's a pity that we have none of those skills here...

Well all things come to those who wait(or ask in the case of Jireh!) and on Tuesday dear Bob and Trisha took us off to the big city of Puerto Barrios to shop and eat McDonald's. It was wonderful! We drove (fast!), shopped(hard) and ate (lots). The best bit was we got to buy proper manufactured plastic props for Halloween. Oh joy! No scrabbling around attempting to make a mummy out of tissue paper for us.

TBH (pirate) and me (water witch) toddled to the end of our dock to join in with the festivities.

Now those of you who have followed the blog for a while may have just got the teeniest hint that I am a bit of a cynical bastard. I know, I try and keep it hidden but there it is creeping out across the page determined to have it's say. And I can be pretty rude at times about stuff I don't like, but there you go, thats me folks!

Marina 'activities' have always scared me. I think it's the premonition that this is what life may become as I slide disgracefully into old age and the 'dribbly farm' that the kids threaten me with from time to time. But its fine 'cos here you can get involved if you want but nobody bugs you if, like me, you are an anti-social old biddy and don't want to play!

Decorating of the 'Cayuco Club' (bar) had taken all afternoon, lancha(boat) taxi organized to collect partygoers from the other marinas around the Rio and the party was on..

It was really good fun. Got to give it to these guys they sure know how to enjoy themselves. The staff and kids looked a bit bemused from time to time at this bunch of weird old Gringo's wearing the strangest assortment of hats, eye patches, witches hats and worse cavorted on the dance floor to a strange mix of pop, jazz and island music. Probably just confirmed their view that we are all barking mad!

Coconuts were decorated, big lack of pumpkins in these parts. Excellent food was laid on, hot and spicy as appropriate for the Night! Costume's judged, fireworks lit.

A truly great night was had by all. Another memory to add to the stash of cruising moments of note!

Hope you enjoy the video that we put together of some of the nights images.

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