Sunday, 11 November 2007

They're off!

The Barcelona World Cup started this afternoon amongst the razzmatazz and excitement that accompanies Ocean racing these days.

We just received this email from Pete and Ann, Alex's family (Hugo Boss entry):

It was a glorious day and the wind picked up a little for the start and Alex was lying 2nd but then had a bad tack so fell back a little tho has now picked up again. It has been complete mayhem since we've been here for about 11 days. We had been making lunches every day for the team, sandwiches, hot dogs etc for around 20 or 30 people. This involved taking our life in our hands on the 100cc moped we have going up the main street to either Carrefour or El Corte Ingles. Then we'd be coming back with millions of bags all around us and at our feet!! (bit like in India!). We've also got involved in doing a few small jobs around the boat and buying bits and pieces and cooking a few little casseroles. If you'd seen the boat yesterday you'd have never known they were about to set off around the world.

It must be a strange sensation as you sail away at the start of one of the world's greatest physical challenges, all that preparation and partying and then are on your own(or with one other person in this case). Out there for the next three months, battling the elements and your fellow competitors. I'd rather them than me!

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