Monday, 5 November 2007

Borthwick providing disaster relief? You must be joking.

There is a massive humanitarian disaster happening right now, about 1,000 sea miles away (2-3 days for Jireh) in the Tabasco region of South East Mexico.

300,000 homeless, over a million affected by the worst floods in 50 years... and where is the mission ship Jireh and its 'brave' captain Brent Borthwick?

Oh goodness! They are sat at the dock in Mar Marine, Rio Dulce, Guatemala plugged into the air conditioning, bemoaning the lack of USDA beef, praying for God's deliverance from venomous snakes, lightning strikes and 'dinghy fever'!

Bet that makes all his generous supporters feel real good, huh! Especially as his time is so full with organizing petitions to praise the navy guys who caught alleged dinghy thieves on the Rio... and then let them free because the cruiser, the local policeman and the navy officers that caught them are too scared of retaliation to press charges. Pity you poor fools who've signed the petition and put your boat names against it, they now know who you are. Welcome to the real world of the Rio, Brent. Not your comic book, fantasy-land of crocodiles, bull sharks, coral snakes and little brown "native" children who have never seen a white man.

But dare he leave now? Just when his charm offensive is at full throttle in pursuit of his desire for a role as a 'spokesperson' for the Rio cruising community? Could he bear to live by his own words in his begging, oh sorry, fund-raising pleas that he will "provide disaster relief, water, and food, medical and dental needs to remote areas by sea"? I know. It's a lot to expect when the $7,000 boat insurance is falling due.

News headlines urge that food and water is running out and that remote areas, only accessible by boat, are in dire need. Bet a 50 horse-power dinghy would come in real handy. Hurry Brent! Somebody might actually need you. It's certainly not us.

Go on Brent. I dare you. Do the right thing. Prove me wrong about you.

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