Friday, 2 November 2007

Brent and the angel's wings!

Taken from this site (you need to keep scrolling, it's near the bottom of the page) is the strange photograph of our old friend Brent Borthwick of Jireh showing off his angel's wings...

Gosh if I give you the wool can you knit a pair for me please?

In a recent outreach to Mexico with Todd Bentley, Brent Borthwick the founder of Wind Word took numerous photos of "angels" that appeared in their meetings.

Which were available for purchase on a CD for ten dollars. It may be difficult to see but behind Brent Borthwick's shoulder are angels according to him.
But in case you can't discern it Brent has enhanced the photo for us.

Oh come off it Brent, at least buy a decent edition of 'Photoshop' if you are going to try and make this one stick.

Still I am certain that Jireh must already be on its way to either Mexico (300,000 homeless in the floods) or Dominican Republic (with 90 dead in the latest hurricane). Sorry- nobody seen the boat going down river yet? Now why am I not surprised? Guess he doesn't want to miss selling those cookies at Mario's tomorrow.

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