Thursday, 8 November 2007

Just the fax.

It’s me, TBH. If recipes are suitable fodder for Gerry’s blog, then why not the occasional computer tip? This one is on faxing from a PC.

It’s easy enough to send faxes from programs like Microsoft Word; the only problem is that you have to sign up to a fax service with a minimum charge, typically $10 a month. With all the emails we send, we hardly ever need to send faxes and certainly can’t justify $10 a month for such a service. So we end up faxing via marina offices, usually at a cost of one dollar a page, sometimes more.

But, if you have a Skype account, there is a brand new fax service called PamFax (technically a Skype plug-in) which charges you much less ($0.25 per page from Guatemala to the States). It is dead easy to use and doesn’t incur any monthly charges. Just download the free software here.

That’s all folks.

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