Sunday, 27 January 2008

A Video Treat.

I mentioned recently the series of six programmes about the Barcelona World race that were due to be screened starting last Sunday on British TV.

Well here, for your delectation and delight is episode one!

If you ever wondered how many pairs of underpants you need to circle the globe, Andrew Cape of Hugo Boss has the answer!


They, Hugo Boss, are still holding second place but along with siting in the wind-less zone of the doldrums they are having to cope with yet more rudder problems, which might explain Alex’s lack of enthusiasm during today’s call. ‘We discovered our rudder is broken again today we have had to try and sort it out again, it has cost us some miles whilst we were trying to fix it. We thought the last repairs would last but they haven't, we hope it will last now but are not overly hopeful at this stage’, said Alex.

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