Sunday, 6 January 2008

"Captain" Heather returning to Florida.

Just picked up this except from an email from "Captain" Heather's dad:

Number one, she got locked out of the salon. There is a little sliding catch inside so you can lock the sliding hatch when you're inside. And the seas were so rough the latch slid shut by itself, and she couldn't get below, so she had to break out the thick plastic drop board I made for her, so she could get below to the GPSs, etc. But now she has a huge hole where the drop board used to be. Dangerous at sea.

Then one of the clasps on her top-of-the-line safety harness broke; also her engine went out (not in this order), and she has only reverse gear.

But she's closer here than Isla Mujeres, so she's heading back from way out in the Gulf of Mexico to fix all this.

It's hilarious: Everybody asked about her shakedown cruise, and I said there's no such thing as a shakedown cruise. Every time you pull away from your dock you're on a shakedown cruise. Not one thing went wrong on her solo 170 mile shakedown cruise. But now that the real thing comes along - look what happens!

So she will be returning to her homeport to sort things out. What a pity given that there is a good weather forecast for the next few days. I find this interesting but will wait for more information before any further comment...

This explains why there has been no further update on her website!

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