Friday, 4 January 2008


Blimey it's cold outside! Well I should quantify that by saying that the temperature has fallen to around 70 degrees...and that is bloody freezing for us 'jungly' types that have thinned blood.

We have our fleecy trousers and tops out, and our ocean crossing oilies ( it's wet too).Maybe I need to rethink my statement that I look forward to doing some higher latitude sailing.

So in anticipation of fair winds, blue skies and balmy waters here's some video of Antigua Classic week from 2006. And I am going to curl up below today and daydream about our next boat...maybe something classic this time!

Talk in the bar is turning towards planned passages and adventures for the coming year or two. It's great to exchange tips on unknown destinations and exchange charts. A couple of boats are planning to head toward Cartagena, via the San Blas Islands. Just talking about those magical places makes me yearn to be out there sailing again. Some boats are heading for the Belizean reefs and yet others for the bay Islands in Honduras.

We still hope to be heading off towards Cuba. It's a little harder to gather charts for this destination, as the Americans can still not take their boats into Cuban waters....of course that makes it a very attractive destination for us! Still empty anchorages and big lobsters!

NB. "Captain" Heather got underway yesterday at around noon. She sensibly waited for calmer weather although I bet it's pretty cold and lumpy out there.

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