Friday, 25 January 2008

Surfing on a wet day.

Talking about blogging yesterday I thought that you might appreciate some of the ones that I visit on a regular basis, not all of them sailing ones, but all have a certain something, in my opinion!

Our young friends Alan and Cora, have now left the cruising life behind as they establish themselves ashore. They were the perfect representation of the ideal cruisers. They learned so much, overcame massive mechanical trials and enjoyed their sailing lives no matter what was thrown at them. Cora made us a super sailcover and bimini. We missed their happy smiley faces when they moved on.

We met Mick and Bee when they wound their way into a marina in Portugal. We fell in love with their cat, their boat and their adventurous attitude to their sailing. We were amazed that they were living the cruising life on a budget of under 4000€ a year! They have had many adventures, particularly as they sailed northwards and we understand they are on their way back to the Caribbean as we speak....

Another inspirational couple are Ulf and Jen , we met here in Guatemala and loved that they are taking time away from high flying careers to experience the tribulations of cruising! Ulf, from Sweden sounds a little too much like the character 'Borat" at times when he talks about 'vomens' but we love him all the same!

I love for its irreverent, and sometimes, cruel look at the world of water based sports. they certainly don't pull their punches here!

And this one has great recipes with glorious photographs too....

Angus and Ruth are now in New Zealand, we met at the entrance to the Panama Canal, making lifelong friends when we gave them series two of 'Desperate Housewives'! Didn't see them for 3 days after that as they indulged in a final frantic feast before heading off across the Pacific!!
Their website has some really good detailed info on what they have on their boat and why!

This site is a source of cheap, up to date movies that you can access over the web. We love it!

So happy surfing. It's raining, again, here. Maintenance continues apace and we have just ordered a new clutch for the refrigerator which should be here at the beginning of next week. I am trying not to get excited but we may actually have a working fridge before long!!!

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