Monday, 28 January 2008

This n' That.

Thought you would like to know that after our little difficulty with the ATM in Fronteras our bank have refunded the money that we didn't manage to get out of the machine. I didn't need to forward the letter that I wrung out of the Banco Industriales and all was completed within one week of the incident, not bad huh!

Our green and mouldy suncover is off the boat, scrubbed and repacked AND stowed away. How's that for efficiency!Of course it has either poured with rain or the sun has beaten down since but I mustn't complain.

We have been putting off repairing our refrigerator for months. We were certain that it was going to cost a lot and thought we would probably need to replace the whole thing, big bucks. But no! Manfred, the Rio's refrigeration guru, visited us a few days ago. All we need is a new clutch, it was ordered on Saturday, IN STOCK, and may be with us tomorrow all for less that 600 quetzals. I love it!

My great pal from Panama, Karen, sent an email to say she would be leaving tomorrow, heading our way as she crews a boat up to Georgia. I am so looking forward to seeing her again. All the triumvirate will be missing is Stephanie but maybe Guatemala just isn't ready for us yet!Hope she has her scissors with her I am in desperate need of a haircut!

TBH is putting the final touches to his book before it goes off to print, an exciting time for us.

Cleaning is well advanced now and little green mould is to be seen. A few bits of canvas ie the dodgers and the sailcover to wash and then we will be respectable again.

So we are happy bunnies, even though it is STILL raining here. It's getting beyond a joke now. There is talk in the marina of doing a 'stop the rain' ceremony if it doesn't stop soon....

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