Wednesday, 9 January 2008

A Heroine Returns.

"Captain" Heather's lengthy account of her 100 mile sail and subsequent rescue is as disingenuous as her other writing.

"Throughout the entries I have made on this site, I have been honest. I have been up-front when I’ve messed up and tooted my own horn when I did well. I have praised those who deserved it, and told the truth about those who were unscrupulous or unreliable. I wish I could truthfully tell you I persevered during those two and a half days, but I didn’t."

What follows is a good deal of breast beating and 'mea culpa'. Too much information, I think. The sad truth for "Captain" Heather is that communication is not just what we say its everything we do. She has spent a good deal of her credibility on a poor start and I expect most of us will , like Sophocles, "wait until the evening to see how fine the day has been."

What a pity.

Many people repeat the same mistakes again and again. The smarter of us only make the mistakes once and the smartest of all learn from others mistakes and only make new ones! I wish "Captain Heather" only new mistakes A little less self praise and a little more action might become her better.

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