Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Towed home.

So it's over, this is the latest news :

It's dead calm out in the Gulf just now, and Heather is being towed back into Steinhatchee, with no engine. The problem could be a minor linkage problem, which I could fix if I were aboard. It gets fuel in reverse, but not in forward.

Gene Neill

I, for one, am relieved that she has called a halt, even if only temporarily. She must have been a very frightened woman out there alone and unprepared for the reality of sailing in adverse conditions.

I am surprised that the breakdowns that we have heard about so far, would be sufficient to halt the venture. To not be carrying the materials to fashion an emergency weather board would seem to be gross negligence given the task that she is attempting.

I hope this will be a wake up call to "Captain" Heather and that she will have the courage and wisdom to recognise that she can attempt such a feat BUT there are some basic skills that she will have to acquire to be safe and happy.

At the very least Heather will have given herself a nasty scare, thank god it didn't cost her the boat or her life. The conditions she has experienced could well have done.

What Mr Neill seems unable to get his head around is the fact that it's not HIM out there doing this but his daughter who currently lacks the practical skill and experience to deal with the everyday problems that sailing will continually face her with. Get real here.

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