Friday, 11 January 2008

One to watch.

We have just watched 'Deep Water' an excellent film about the tragic demise of Donald Crowhurst in the first Round the World Sailing Race.

Here is the trailer.

Crowhurst was living his dream but deluded both himself and his supporters into believing his story to be true. (Shades of others here.)

He got himself into the position where to continue was probably suicidal but retreat was financial ruin. It is a strong reminder of the need for realism both from the main player and those surrounding them.

Interestingly Deep Water is made by the same team who brought you 'Touching the Void'. Although this phrase carries overtones of deliberately obscure Zen philosophy, the film is a harrowing and true down to earth story of a mountaineer, Joe Simpson, who kept going against all odds to survive.

Here's the trailer. You can see the whole film on YouTube . It's broken into 12 parts.

Both these films were highly acclaimed by the critics.

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