Sunday, 7 October 2007

Will the real Captain Ron please stand up.....

Last year as we sat at anchor in Snug Harbour a wonderful sheltered lagoon in the San Blas, Panama we watched as an 'elderly' plywood trimaran maneuvered its way ACROSS the reef to anchor nearby.

On board were Louis and his friend Tracey.They hit us like a small whirlwind as they came alongside in their dinghy to say hallo.
Being the only two boats in the anchorage we spent some time together and Louis took TBH off spear fishing and diving at an off lying island. Off Lying? It was at least 10 miles away!
They returned later in the day, puce from the sun and proudly carrying a 40lb Kingfish that Louis had speared and gutted. Louis was the real he-man type with a large knife strapped to his ankle, streaming blonde locks, a little thinning now and usually dressed in only the smallest of red thongs!

I couldn't help thinking that he reminded me of somebody but for the life of me could not think who............

TBH flew off to Panama City for a few days with Louis leaving Tracey and I to boat sit. They were going to track down boat parts, chocolate, wine and all the other things that you need after being out at sea for the past three months. Louis and Tracey had also come down from Colombia and entered Panama through the Eastern port of Obaldia.

TBH returned full of amazement at Louis' skill with women....It was stunning he told me. They had landed at Allbrook Airport in the City. Louis had none of the right entry papers or passport stamps. Within moments the, female, immigration officer had whisked them away and taken the boys by car to all the offices Louis needed to visit to make him legit. By the end of the trip they were on kissing terms!

His charm and gungho take on life worked extremely well.

Time passed and eventually we parted company. He and Tracey heading towards the canal to transit through to the Pacific, us to continue our leisurely meander towards Colon.
We kept in touch by email, and through his website . They had adventures, Tracey left(!). And then he lost the boat in a storm off on a reef in the South Pacific.

However, nothing can keep a good man down and Louis has`resurrected as Fluid Adventures. Talk about coming up smelling of roses- Good on you Louis.
Best of luck with the new adventure!

So....last night we were watching Captain Ron, the classic Caribbean sailing film....and there he was Captain Ron, I mean Louis! Large as life! Spooky! Even down to the red swimming shorts( although Louis' were always much briefer than Kurt Russells')

Now I can't help wondering who came first? Was Captain Ron based on Louis or did Louis model himself on Captain Ron or is just one of those strange cosmic coincidences?

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Anonymous said...

This is absolutely unbelievable!!! I am the sister of Captain Ron...I mean Louis and for years, we have called him "Captain Ron" and watch the movie everytime we have a chance. We have teased him for years about it, but it is SO TRUE. I am glad to see that we aren't the only ones that think so.