Saturday, 6 October 2007

Sordid Lives part 2.

Since last writing about my dismay at the situation on the Rio things have been very interesting.

The post on YBW has attracted around 1500 views,and a number of comments. A lot of interesting debate.

The story on the Rio Dulce Chisme on the other hand is not so illuminating. If you follow the link you will see how the editor has degenerated in to answering with sarcasm and condescension.

I think you can probably draw your own conclusions from that one!

I have spoken to a number of cruisers over the last few days who have, in the main, felt similar emotions to my own. We have all commented on how the legislation in the Caribbean pertaining to cruising is becoming more and more onerous. Panama, for instance, is to limit cruisers to a renewable 30 day visa. Partly to clear out the no-longer welcome long stay cruisers in the San Blas islands.

My argument centers around the fact that as cruisers we have a responsibility to treat our host countries ,and their cultures, with the greatest respect. I do not seek to interfere with each nations laws, customs and lifestyles but I do seek to make sure that the community that I am associated with, in this case cruisers, behaves in a respectable manner.

I found some of the articles posted on the Amnesty International site an education in themselves. If you are interested go and have a look.

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