Friday, 12 October 2007

Rain, rain, rain!

Its like a soggy British November Day here on the Rio, albeit a rather warm one. The weather forecast says that we may have a couple of days of this so I am really pleased that we went to town yesterday to get the shopping done......just sometimes we get these things right.

I had been hoping to speak to somebody who posted in response to my piece 'Sordid Lives' this morning. He and his wife were unable to come over in the rain, I can't say that I blame them.It's coming down like stair rods out there! So we have rescheduled for next week. I am eager to continue listening to all points of view on what, is evidently, a very contentious subject.
I have been reading and researching extensively this week and have the beginnings of an idea to take this further, I'll tell you more as it unfolds.

TBH ( the better half) has been busy resuscitating a fellow cruisers laptop. It looks like they are beginning to make headway at last, so fingers crossed that we will have a fully functioning computer ready to return to its home before the night is out.Everyone will be really happy with that outcome.
Computers are both a blessing and a curse on board. For the likes of us it means we can keep in touch with our families more easily than ever before, we can continue to earn a living as`we cruise and keep ourselves informed as to new developments in our areas of interest. For others they are a boon to navigation, using electronic charts.
On the other hand when they go wrong they are a pile of C..p! Driving many to insanity and despair!! Thank goodness TBH is very knowledgeable and capable with this modern 'black art'. There are many times in a day that I count my blessings that he is aboard.

STOP PRESS.. The computer has a new lease of life and has been returned to its grateful owners!

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