Monday, 29 October 2007

How to get tons of money and buy a bigger boat.

I thought all you cruisers out there might like to learn a little from Brent about how to raise the money to cruise around the Caribbean in a big boat without having worked your socks off to do it!

The Jireh contingent seem to be doing pretty well by promising that their 'God' will see everyone okay...strange then how every single one of the 'exciting adventures of the Borthwicks' include the sad begging appeal as listed below.

I shake my head in amazement and disgust.

January 2007

I do not have the money to haul the boat, but we have to do it. I do not have the money to fuel it up, but we have to do it. I just keep putting it all on my Credit Card, but how are we going to pay the bill? I know God will provide, but He wants me to tell you our needs. I am asking, please, anything you can do to help. Whatever God lay’s on your heart, if you are not sure it is God and it might be you, then double it, triple it, I don’t know, maybe just give the whole bank! I am praying that $10,000.00 to come in right now. Maybe $20,000.00, we really need it now. I do not think you have ever heard me ask like this before, but if you usually give $25.00, maybe give $250.00 or $2,500.00. Maybe take $100.00 to $1,000.00, or even $10,000.00. We have no option if we continue as missionaries to make money other than through you all. We are God’s servants asking His people for help. Can you imagine just 20 people at $1,000.00 each is $20,000.00! Please if you can, help us continue in God’s will for our lives and yours.

February 2007
After our last plea in January, we received the largest one time donation that we have ever received from one of our partners, and many donations over and above the monthly giving. Again, THANK YOU! We are not out of the woods yet financially as the cost of living and maintaining this boat in the islands is expensive.

March 2007
Thank you all for your prayers and giving. We just paid the very large bill from pulling the boat out of the water, painting, etc, and our bank accounts are again near zero! But we know that God is so good and He will provide all of our needs!

April 2007

We will have some more bills when we get to the US, so please be in prayer about the finances. I will need to re-insure the boat in May, so another very large bill, plus our haul out and repairs. I am praying that the repair yard will give us a big break as they are partly to blame for the bottom problem.

May 2007
Please be in prayer as we are all exhausted. The stress of all that has happened, plus all the work we have been doing on the boat while getting it fixed. I am tired and my herniated disk in my back has been acting up again, so a fair amount of pain. I checked on the new invasive disk surgery down here, 30 minutes and up and about the same day, $25,000.00!!! Why does Canada do the old fashioned surgery with 6 weeks recovery and lots of pain, plus waiting how long for the surgery? I have put all our expenses on my Master Card, and I do not know how we will pay the bill when it comes in. Diesel fuel, bottom repair, generator repair, stocking up on food, dockage, ect… plus I have yearly boat insurance due the first week of June, about $7,000.00. You know, as I write this I have to just laugh. Lord, you called us, here we are, please provide our needs. I have never missed paying off my M/C every month, please, is all I ask.

June 2007
Pray for our finances as we need to pay $7,900.00 for boat insurance for another year, due by June 10th. Seems impossible as our accounts are depleted, but I know God is in control, and He does not want us to stop now. We need fuel for the boat for this last leg of this part of God’s ministry journey! Pray for strength. I am exhausted, lack of sleep, have lost 15 pounds without trying (stress????), but loosing weight is a good thing, isn’t it? Pray for Sharon and the kids, SAFETY, as the dangers are ever present on a boat living in the tropics and jungles.

July 2007

Please pray as we need to purchase a vehicle as soon as possible. We use the little boat to get to the villages on the river, but we need a vehicle to get to the churches and 100s of other villages in the area, and for teams. There is a perfect small Chevy pick-up for sale, four doors and seats 6, 4x4, turbo diesel so good on fuel, year 2000, and Guatemalan registry which is what we need. It is a little rough with dents, paint fade, oil leaks, etc, but it would be a great vehicle for us. They want $7,000. US, but I would like to try to get it for $5,000 if I can afford it. Another step of faith, so for now we walk, but please be in prayer about a vehicle for us.

And so on.

You know there are some really great people out there working hard to help those less fortunate than themselves. Often getting by on very little while putting everything they can into a local community.

It makes me sick when I see charlatans like these conning money to fuel their materialistic, self indulgent lifestyle. How on earth can their donors not see that such vast sums of money that the Borthwicks appear to need to maintain their delusions of grandeur would be so much better spent elsewhere.

Check out that dinghy with the 50HP motor. No wonder he's so keen to organize some 'protection'!

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