Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Soggy Tuesday.

Its a slow day here on the Rio. We have had a really heavy downpour over the last 24 hours and the river has risen a good 8". I have even got out the plastic step that we cart around the world with us to help my short little legs reach up to the deck of our boat from the dock, sad or what?

I have the beginnings of a cold, goodness only knows where I have caught that from. Generally we keep pretty healthy here on the rivers and oceans. The occasional cut and bruise and very rarely a more serious problem.We have had our share of 'incidents' on board....I fell down the companionway of a superyacht that we were visiting and broke two ribs and a toe, sad part was I slipped on an ice cube and lost my rum and ting that I had only just started!!

TBH crushed his hand in the Monitor self-steering gear when we were crossing the Atlantic. Fortunately(!) it severed the nerve so he didn't feel a thing although it took over 18 months to regain feeling in the affected finger!

I keep a very extensive first aid kit on board. My sister is a doctor so she kitted us out with a full range ( and instructions on use) of all the drugs and equipment that she thought we might need. We regularly go through the kit and restock out of date contents and add some items that are more appropriate to the geography that we are currently in.

Here on the Rio the humidity is pretty taxing and we stocked up on anti- fungal drugs recently. There are some pretty nasty skin problems around these parts!

Before we left the UK I attended a specialist first aiders course that I found very useful. I learnt how to suture a piece of pork belly- haven't had to use that skill yet!

Recently TBH went on a CPR course organized here on the Rio by the jungle medic. I suddenly thought he should know how to save me if necessary!He spent a very worthwhile day with a small group of other cruisers up at the clinic run by paramedic Bryan and his wife Reichelle who provide a free emergency service to the locals.

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