Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Good news from Chile!

Good news email arrived first thing this morning! We are so pleased to hear that all is well and look forward to hearing of a landfall in the next 2-3 days! One of the excellent resources that I found whilst weather routing was www.passageweather.com I can certainly recommend it for anyone planning an offshore passage. It was pretty accurate, well presented and regularly updated. In short a very valuable resource!

Well Guys here we sit with 1001.3 having just gone up by 1.3mbs and you've guessed it
the low is almost on top of us the wind has backed W20 knots so we wait for daylight
to take down the storm jib and move quickly before we run out of wind completely. We
are also trying to catch up on some lost sleep. The storm itself was in fact very
easy, the bit before however; the waiting, trying to plan our tactics was the worst.
The worry of it all, had we known perhaps we would not have worried so much however
it would not be healthy or prudent if you like not to.

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