Monday, 29 October 2007

Planning the cruise.

I have had the pilot guides out trying to start to format our sailing plans for when we finally get away from the dock , probably later this year.

It's a little hard to plan at the moment as we are still in the throws of working on the new business, However with any luck we should manage to at least get out for a few months around Christmas time. So...where shall we go?

There are quite a few alternatives, could go back towards Panama which we really enjoyed. I have a bit of a mental problem with that one as I hate to sail backwards-if you know what I mean.

Whilst it would be lovely to see our old friends, many of whom are now permanent residents there and the lure of decent shopping is great there are so many places we haven't seen yet... I guess we could stop in Nicaragua if we went that way, we didn't do that on the way up here.

Then the Cays and reefs of Belize hold a lot of attraction, especially after so long in the Rio. TBH (the better half) has been diving for over 30 years now and would relish a little R&R after all the intense brain work he's been doing this year. Fresh fish, lobster, quiet anchorages. That ones definitely high on the list.

But where to from there? Mexico doesn't excite me too much, not sure why, just isn't 'pulling my chain'. So we could go on to Cuba. We have all the charts and guides on board for that one and a lot of recommendations from other cruisers and family members to enjoy the country before it really gets open up to tourists.

Then via the Dominican Republic and towards St Maarten. That would be a nice tidy end to circumnavigating the Caribbean , and I do like tidy endings!

Spoilt for choice is what we are. Aren't we just so lucky to even have to worry about decisions like this.

Oh well, I'll just sit back, pour another cold drink and no doubt eventually we'll head somewhere, it usually just happens anyway!

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