Thursday, 4 October 2007

Sordid Lives.

You know one of the things I don't get is the really OLD men with the really YOUNG, always dusky maiden in tow.

We have run across a few examples of this from Trinidad onwards in our travels but here on the Rio.............its unbelievable.

Okay so I can see that from the perspective of the women involved here the attraction of the seemingly massive wealth that accompanies some of these men is highly attractive but what about the men? What right do they have to exploit another human beings poverty in such a way? It makes my blood boil. And as there is so much of it about here I am finding my blood at boiling point more and more of the time!

Usual scenario seems to be , single hander(male) turns up on Rio. Finds young,seems often so young that Pedophilia comes to mind, girl.
Before you can say ,jack flash, she's hanging on his arm, heavily pregnant. I despair.

Don't tell me 'its love' I simply don't believe it. I have never seen such a seedy, dissolute community as these old perverts. I guess in other places they would be big time losers, here they lord it over their new acquisitions and father countless offspring. What the hell do they think they are doing?

What do the locals think of this behaviour? I don't know but I cannot believe it makes for a happy community.

Stories are rife on the Rio of prostitution,child sex, exploitation and its all there to be seen. Just have a look at this piece in the local e-magazine for yachties

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