Sunday, 30 August 2009

View from the helm.

We were up bright and early this morning to make the trip downriver before the sun got too hot.
By 7.30am breakfast was finished and we took the anchor up. Bit dirty after a week or so in the same place...

It's the third year that we have been here and the water is definitely a lot muckier than it was. The side of the boat has a nasty brown stain along it, one of this weeks tasks is to give it a good clean.

It was a magical trip, under engine as there was not a breath of wind, with the early morning sun sparking on the mirror like waters, the mist hanging over the tops of the mountains and butterflies lazily flapping their way across the lake. I could even ignore the steady drone of the motor as we made a stately 4 knots down the river.

Amazing that here some of the butterflies are bigger than the birds! Sort of confusing.

The fishermen were out in numbers dropping their nets from the tiny dugout canoes. What a hard way to feed a family. Whenever we see them pulling in the small net/pots they rarely seem to have caught anything at all.

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