Friday, 14 August 2009

I see no ships...

I have been following this story in the British Press. With security on our boats a current preoccupation amongst some sectors of the cruising community this one has made me smile wryly. It would appear that far from the 'lawless' areas of the Caribbean and the South China Sea piracy is alive and kicking.

Bit embarrassing though isn't it.After all it's a pretty big ship to lose and the English Channel is a small and crowded space...

A cargo ship which disappeared after sailing through the Channel amid fears of a pirate attack has been spotted in the middle of the Atlantic.

The Arctic Sea disappeared shortly after making contact with Dover coastguard as it entered the Channel on June 28.

The Russian-crewed vessel is reported to have been spotted 400 nautical miles off one of the Cape Verde islands, an archipelago that lies west of Senegal.

“The Arctic Sea is some 400 nautical miles off one of the islands of Cape Verde, therefore outside its territorial waters,” a Cape Verde coastguard official told the AFP news agency.

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