Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Time Flies.

My goodness time is flying past, it's two weeks since we returned to the Rio. It's done nothing but rain since we got here, still it is the Tropics...

We have kept ourselves busy with a number of projects. The main one being sourcing and ordering the equipment needed to replace that damaged by the lighning strike. A painful but necessary expense.

TBH is busy updating his website and dealing with all the little problems that arise when you are out of touch for weeks on end, and I am cleaning lockers ready to reprovision for our next jaunt. Before we know it the hurricane season will be over and I will be moaning about all the jobs that I haven't completed.

Hard to believe that there have been no named storms yet this season, it's starting to make me nervous. Will it be a quiet time or is Mother Nature saving everything up for something REALLY nasty? Time will tell.

I leave you with one of TBH's favourite sayings:

Time flies like the wins,
and fruit flies like bananas!

I never said he was sane~

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