Thursday, 27 August 2009

Mike Perham completes circumnavigation.

You may recall, those who have stuck with my musings for some time, that I cast doubts upon the proposed circumnavigation of 'Captain Heather' and her unrealistic expectations of sailing alone around the world with little/no experience, living on rice and beans. Well she didn't make it. Gave up after less than 100 miles from the start with an injured thumb, no minutes left on her satellite phone and scared stiff by 30 knot winds. I say no more.

Compare her tale of unprepared fantasy with the grit of young Mike Perham who has just made it back to the UK, alone, but some assistance along the way. Fifty foot waves, fear and a lot of determination coupled with the experience of an ocean crossing before he began this challenge saw him to a successful conclusion.

He got some stick at the start, left it too late in the season, too young etc but it was difficult to criticize his realism and preparations. Well done Mike. Dreams can become reality but they need a heavy dose of hard work and preparation to help them on their way!

This report comes from YBW.Com:

Mike Perham crosses finish line 17 year-old Mike Perham became the youngest person to sail single-handed around the world this morning. His 50ft yacht crossed the finish line at 09:47:30 local time. The teenager from Potters Bar was escorted across the line by Royal Navy guard ship HMS Mersey, a Royal Naval helicopter, and a flotilla of press boats that had been on standby overnight to record his finish. "I've made it, I've made my dream come true and it feels amazing," said Mike. "A BIG BIG thanks to my Dad, Mum, all the sponsors and every one who has helped me along the way. I can't believe that the Royal Navy has sent HMS Mersey and a helicopter to witness my crossing the line. I feel very honoured." Mike's Dad - Peter Perham - added: "Mike is a very special son, he has done incredibly well. He has shown that with determination, you can succeed even in the most adverse circumstances. He has shown the world that he is an extraordinary young man and an inspiration to us all." The First Sea Lord, Admiral Sir Mark Stanhope, KCB OBE ADC passed a message to Mike Perham as he sailed past Lizard point: "The Royal Navy offers its sincere congratulations to Michael Perham on his record breaking single-handed sailing circumnavigation. This is a remarkable and inspirational achievement in one so young, another impressive event in the rich Maritime history of this island nation and of the Perham family". "Michael's family have strong maritime connections, with his father having been a merchant naval officer, his grandfather having served with the Royal Navy during World War 2, and his great grandfather as a Royal Marine in the Crimean war." "Michael sets a fine example showing remarkable character, grit and self discipline in completing this historic record-breaking voyage and the Royal Navy is delighted to participate in welcoming him back home to the UK as an honoured and much respected fellow seafarer." After crossing the finish line, Mike was joined by his Dad as he continues towards Gunwharf Quay, where he is due on Saturday. To find out more, visit

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