Tuesday, 18 August 2009

My name is Gerry...

...and I am a Lakelandaholic.

Bet most of you wonder what on earth I am talking about! Let me explain. In the UK there is a wonderful company,Lakeland limited. They sell household bits and pieces. Yes I know that sounds very boring but trust me on this one. They have marvelous products, great ideas, items that work and staff that care. The arrival of their quarterly catalogue sends women all over the UK into a frenzy of ordering, it's known amongst many as 'the thinking woman's porn'!

I have masses of their stuff on the boat, from an old fashioned 'washing dolly', a sort of plunger that agitates the washing in a bucket, to the 'longlife green fruit and veg storage bags' that even Lynne Pardey raves about.

So you see I am not alone, there's a lovely article in todays Times about them. Go on visit their site too, it's a revelation!

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