Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Peace and Tranquillity.

After stocking the boat with fuel, gas and food we headed down river on Saturday. A break from the 'heaving' metropolis of Fronteras! It's all relative I know but compared to where we are currently anchored it's a zoo!

Our first night here and we re-aquainted ourselves with both the silence and the dark. No reflected light fom anywhere and once the clouds cover the stars it's hard to see your hand in front of your face, no it's actually impossible!

The ocassional call from an exotic bird or the croaking of the frogs are the only sounds across the mirror like waters. Bliss.

We rise with the sun(5.30am) and go to bed just after it sets(7.30pm). Days are filled with writing, reading, trying out new recipes, chatting. No radio to disrupt the solitude. And we can even connect to wifi internet if the boat is in the right direction and the weather gods allow!

Security has been a big issue on the Rio since we first came here so we take sensible precautions every night. The dinghy is hauled aboard, actually we haven't taken it down for days. The outboard securely padlocked, all the lazarettes locked. Nothing loose left on deck.
We have steel inserts for the companionway and hatches that we put in place at night. These allow us airflow but secure the boat well. We actually had them made years ago in Portugal and have been very grateful for them since we arrived in Central America.

This is an extra-ordinary place. To just arrive and leave your boat here for the hurricane season is to miss out on one of the natural paradises of the world. Miles of shallow,calm waters. Hidden bays and lagoons. Tributary rivers to explore. Floating islands of water hyacinths.

Have a great day where ever you are. May it be as calm as mine!

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