Thursday, 13 August 2009

Up's and Down's

It's a day of mixed fortunes here...

A Tropical Wave came over during the night which brings with it lovely freshwater to fill our tanks with. We were getting a little low so it was a welcome sound as the patter of raindrops splashed on the hatch covers. Dear TBH leapt from the warmth of our berth to open the tanks and allow the water to accumulate. Within 2 hours we had approximately 180 litres of clean, fresh, chemical free water stashed away. That's a nice feeling!

On the down side we decided to try out the small generator that we bought a few months ago. We are struggling to keep up with the power needs of two hungry computers in the wind less conditions that we have and thought we'd try it out in anger for the first time. Hah!
Bloody thing won't start, on closer inspection the spark plug is knackered so TBH changed that. Still no joy so he has retired in disgust and will try again tomorrow.

It is amazing to have an internet connection where we are. Way away on top of a hill, surrounded by jungle I can just see the transmitter standing proud above the treetops, that's when the cloudes don't shroud it. How did they get it there I wonder?

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