Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Final moments.

Yesterday was a busy day. We went in to Fronteras to complete the provisioning. I always dither like crazy over just how much I really need!
The final decision is made when I just can't cram another thing on board and we reached that moment at around 3pm local time yesterday!

TBH has the final fitting of the clamp to hold our outboards on the pushpit. Then a final wash down, fill the water tanks, clean the dinghy and we will have run out of excuses to leave the dock...Oh er...

I am watching the weather like a hawk, and have set up our email on board to bring in the daily forecasts from NOAA, it's a good service which we combine with weatherfax as well as listening to Chris parker who gives a forecast on the SSB every morning(except Sundays).

April and October, the time of seasonal changes here in the Caribbean are purported to be the best times for moving around the Caribbean. We shall see. There is the odd emergent Norther still on the move but generally the weather is looking better and better. It looks like we will head for Livingstone, at the mouth of the Rio, to check out on Thursday/Friday and then depending on what the weekend forecasts bring head off Monday/Tuesday next week.

Planning a passage is a bit of an inexact science as far as I am concerned. It boils down not only to the projected forecast but also to how we are feeling on the day. Symptom of aging I guess as we seem to rely far more on our instinct as the years roll by!

It will be a mixed feeling leaving Mario's. We have been well served here and can thoroughly recommend the place. Good facilities, a nice atmosphere and a pleasant workforce and clientèle (well on the most part!). However it has been a long time to spend in one place and we are both eager for some new sights and experiences. This will be the shortest sailing season that we have had since setting out to cruise full time and with just 3 months until the arrival of the 2008 hurricane season we have a lot to cram in..

So fingers crossed for fair winds and I must go to make my sacrifice to Neptune and the wind Goddess....

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