Saturday, 5 April 2008

Freedom calls

Well we finally got away from the dock yesterday before 9am! As we motored gently downstream towards the ocean I was delighted to feel the movement of the boat under me. Finally after 8 months here we are on the way to a new adventure in Cuba!

The Rio was quiet and calm, hardly any lanchas moving and a flat glass like surface, what bliss.

By 11.30am we were anchored in 'Gringo Bay'. Jennifer who is usually resident here is currently in the city having a hip replacement operation. We are sorry to have missed her but hope to catch up when we return for the next hurricane season. It's peaceful and the birds are busy flying and calling around the boat. Bliss!

Later in the evening we heard a call over the radio that a lady who lives here in Gringo Bay, Sandy, was reported missing. Throughout the night the radio was busy with the search party that was covering the shoreline of the Golfete. This morning we heard that her lancha has been found upside down by one of the markers near the exit from the Golfete in to the river as it approaches Fronteras.

The rumour mill is rife and listening to the radio there is a certain amount of confusion reigning. It makes you remember that any large body of water is a potentially life threatening area. certainly by the time we were anchored yesterday afternoon the wind had picked up considerably and there was a strong chop blowing across the Golfete. Enough to overturn a lancha possibly?

So we`are off shortly to head to Livingstone and check out to begin our passage, yahoo!
No video or photos from here on as we are posting over our SSB radio link which is slow and basic, but it certainly allows us to keep in touch.

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