Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Twinkling in the ocean.

During the night the wind blew up from the north west, yup you've got it the one direction that gave us a nasty chop and had the boat hobby horsing around. then at 4am we heard a terrific bang, its amazing how fast we can move when we have to!

It was the chainhook coming away. Too late and too dark to worry and as we were well dug in we went back to bed. Imagine our stunned amazement this morning when TBH said look, isn't that our hook? And there it was lying twinkling on the sandy bottom looking up at us. Now those of you who sail will realise the huge odds against this happening. usually the last glimpse of anything is at it twinkles down through the blue ocean to the floor, never to be seen again.

Out with the flippers over the side and voila! One extremely expensive stainless steel chain hook in hand TBH had a smile like the Cheshire cat. It turns out that the shackle pin had rusted through, only a couple of years old and not heavily used, mmn didn't have a test mark on it though. A lesson in vetting all the bits of metal on the boat time and time again.

The engine ran well this morning and we are using our time to catch up on all the little niggles that only appear once you are out on the water again. The wind looks like being against us for a couple of days so we'll wait. No hurry and I really want a good sail up to Cuba.

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