Saturday, 5 April 2008

Bad temper and bounciness!

It really becomes obvious that we have not been out to sea for some time as the afternoon on-shore breeze kicks up and with the wind over tide plus the current from the river we are jumping about... Hmn, I remember all this now oh well it's a good job really as we need to get our sea legs back before we head off tomorrow morning.

The day began early as we left Gringo Bay and enjoyed the trip down the river. I had forgotten what a magical place it is. The steep green canyon walls and the surreal bird life poised along the banks. Shame to leave it I cried! But the children arrive in Cuba on 23rd April and we must be there for then.

We used an agent to check out, Raoul, it was painless if a little expensive. Well worth it though as we sat and ate lunch whilst he chased from office to office doing the paperwork. And finally an exit stamp in our new passports! A Zarpe to travel to Cuba and we are set to go.

I am waiting to download the latest weatherfax at 7.30pm local time, its 7.10 as I write this then we can make the decision on where we head after crossing the bar at around 7.30am in the morning. It's the cruisers bugbear here as the bar is wide and shallow, many a good man has come to grief here! Hopefully not us though as we are only 1.5 metres deep and its a high tide manana...

So farewell Rio Dulce, and hasta luega Guatemala!

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