Tuesday, 1 April 2008

They're under starter's orders!

We have passports, we have provisions and we are leaving!

I can't believe that we are finally, well almost, ready to set off!

TBH is currently draining the bottom of the diesel tank and changing the fuel filters. As soon as he has finished we have to go into town and collect a piece of welding. We had taken it to 'Carlos' here on the Rio. Never again...

He let us down having promised a date then with obvious glee made it evident that he never intended to do the repair anyway. On top of that he couldn't/wouldn't find the part that TBH had asked him to weld. What a wanker... Still lesson learned we won't be asking or recommending him to anyone....

Anyway TBH has overcome that one and with some final stowage we are ready.

Wow! Sailing again after 7 months here in Guatemala. It's very exciting and a little scary- hope I can remember how to do it!

The weather is looking good but we have a few days grace as we head down river and enough time in hand to make sure we get the best possible conditions for a sail. So fingers crossed for a great 500 mile jaunt up the coast of Belize and Mexico toward our destination of Cuba.

I am so excited at both the coming journey and also seeing our kids again..haven't seen James for two years and the girls for over a year. It will be the first time we have been together again for 4 years!!

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